3 Tornadoes hit Muskoka on June 10; A local resident assisted in mapping the twisters

Photo Credit: Mike Baum/ The town of Dwight on June 10.

Photo Credit: Mike Baum/ The town of Dwight on June 10.

Muskoka Post Staff

The Northern Tornado Project confirmed three tornadoes ripped through Muskoka on June 10.

A Muskoka resident Jennifer Alexis assisted the organization in mapping out the damage of the twisters.

”If there’s one thing I learned how to do well in my disaster management work, it was doing damage reports that would collect info authorities need to do their job. So, when I realized that there may have been a tornado in Baysville I drove around for two days and took photos and plots of damage and came up with the map you see below and send them with corresponding images to the Northern Tornado Project,” she said.

Photo: Jennifer Alexis

Bracebridge, Baysville and areas around Huntsville in Dwight and Mary Lake were hit with EF1 strength tornadoes.

According to Environment Canada the tornadoes wreaked havoc in Baysville with winds hitting 145km/h and just outside Huntsville in the Mary Lake area, reaching top speeds of 170 km/h. One tornado hit just outside of Bracebridge with speeds up to 150km/h and travelled 5.6 kilometres in distance.

The storms toppled trees and power lines leaving thousands of residents in the dark. Thankfully no injuries were reported.

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