A Huntsville single father nearly lost his hand in a serious accident; Community sets up GoFundMe

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Muskoka Post Staff

A local Huntsville man needs community assistance following an accident which nearly cost him his hand. The below GoFundMe campaign describes Job Martinez as a single father who will require long-time rehabilitation post his accident. Please donate if you can via the link below or share with others.

"Job Martinez needs our help. Many of you know Job as one of the most friendly, cheerful and positive members of our community, someone who is a friend to all and has a great faith in God.

A few days ago Job had a very serious accident when he was splitting wood at home with a wood splitter. He caught his hand in the machinery and almost lost his hand. He was airlifted from Huntsville to hospital in Toronto, where he underwent extensive surgery to re-attach his hand. Fortunately the doctors were able to save his hand and his fingers. His pinkie is still not looking great so they are waiting to see the prognosis for this finger. We are asking for prayer that he will have full healing in his hand!

Throughout this ordeal Job has remained positive and thankful for the great medical care he has received.

It will take many months for his hand to heal and we would like to show him our love and support as a community. Job is a single dad with two wonderful daughters, and we would like to help his family out at this time. We are asking for donations for Job to help him with the cost of his medication, the many visits he will have to make to Toronto to visit his specialists, as well as help with bills and any other expenses. Once Job is home from the hospital we will also be organizing donations of vegetarian meals to bring to Job, and possibly help driving him to medical visits.

Job moved to Huntsville many years ago from the Caribbean Island of San Andreas, so he does not have any family nearby other than his daughters. We would like to show Job that we're his family, and how much we love him in our community."

You can donate to Martinez's GoFundMe Here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-for-job-martinez?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=m_pd+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3gvadgz59C0GPRH9IXPQqZ3GGvhg5wzj4VB_jMYlmC8w0VJDaMbzzKr8A

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