According to Real Estate Expert Muskoka market is ‘holding its own’ during COVID-19

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Heather Scott It’s heart breaking the struggle that so many in Muskoka, Canada and around the world are going through during this pandemic. Our local real estate market has been holding its own through this unprecedented time.

March 2020 saw an increase in average price from $463,671 to $520,610 and March 2020 held steady with six months of inventory which means a balanced market. List price to close price ratio held at 98.3% vs 98.4% in 2019. We do not expect any significant price changes in the Muskoka market in 2020. Our challenge currently is that even though we have amazing virtual technology and marketing capabilities nothing replaces the sensory experience of viewing a home. The smells, the texture, the feeling you get actually standing in the family room and walking through the home.

Heather Scott is a local real estate expert and a life long Muskoka resident. Heather works alongside Christina Clayton and together cover all of North and South Muskoka.

Contact Heather at or via phone at 705-644-0272.

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