Aimee Sinclair's Holiday Eating Tips; 8 ways to keep healthy through Party Season

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Aimee Sinclair

Motivation Monday

Health & Fitness – Mind, Body & Soul

With the holidays along comes trays of goodies being dropped off, friendly get togethers, Christmas parties and family dinners. You are working hard to keep things in check and don’t want to throw it out the window. You may either find yourself binge eating or starving yourself. Let’s discuss what to do to help you this season.

I am very real about life and holiday eating along with working with consistency to my personal health goals. Over the holidays I am a firm believer in eating a balanced diet. This means enjoyment of food that the season can bring not avoiding it. The key is to not get carried away but to enjoy it. I speak to many people that tell me that they can’t stop themselves from over indulging or are so worried about gaining weight so find themselves obsessing. This means the stress is either making them crave it more, punishing themselves mentally and not enjoying any of it or barely eating anything. Let’s discuss ways to make this holiday season more enjoyable with ease in the food area.

1 – Don’t worry about weight-loss over the holidays. Focus on weight maintenance. A calorie is a calorie. If you are looking to maintain your current weight over the holidays then this means you are eating equal parts food to the energy you are putting out/burning regardless of what you eat. Yes I said regardless of what you eat. It will burn the same in your body. So a piece of cake or having some hor d’oeuvres isn’t going to pack on the pounds. It's how much you eat that matters the most in regards to weight maintenance. The difference is whole foods make you feel good all day, it's like high grade fuel for your vehicle. Processed foods although broken down the same lack nutritional value. How food is broken down has some other differences but we will save that for another day. For the holiday season, what you need to know is a calorie is a calorie. Don’t avoid things if you want it. Just have it in moderation. Look at it as a lifestyle. If you have a food sensitivity, health problems or are diabetic then you need to be aware of your special eating requirements and take special measures to adhere to those.

2 – Continue to be active. Just because the holidays are here doesn't mean you don't have to work out for an entire week. If you choose not to go to a gym that is okay. Don’t stress you have many options and at home workouts can be done anywhere. You can search great full body workouts all over the internet. Many don’t need equipment. Use your body, resistance bands or house supplies for weights. If you are looking to do some out in the sun activities or just be active in a different way, consider things like going for a walk, snowshoeing, skating, dancing or swimming at a local pool. So many options. But these ideas will help you stay active. Be sure to schedule activities or workouts in your calendar like an appointment. It has been proven that this will hold you accountable and you will be more likely to follow through on it.

3 – Drink lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated and full. Drink 2 glasses of water before a meal. If you have a hard time with plain water add lemon, lime, herbs, veggies, fruit or drink herbal teas. Water helps you to not over eat by filling your stomach, it boosts your metabolism, helps break down fat cells and raises the rate at which your body burns fat. It also helps aid in digestions and constipation.

4 – On days where you have a party, big dinner or gathering at which you know you will be consuming a larger amount of food; Change your nutrition during the day. Have more protein throughout the day with green vegetables. This will leave many calories available for you to enjoy with less concern at your event.

5 – Alcohol consumption. Over the holidays more drinking of alcoholic

beverages tends to take place. Alcohol is truly one of the biggest hindrances of weight-loss. It is something that will help you put on the pounds in no time at all, so be cautious. It slows your metabolism. Slows the breakdown of your food and how it is digested. If you are consuming alcoholic beverages, I suggest finding lower calorie beverages. Try having drinks with less sugar added and be aware of drinks with pop or juice added. Add soda, water, lemon, lime and drink lots of water while consuming alcoholic beverages.

6 – Eating at the buffet or pot luck. When you are making your plate at the event be sure to add your veggies and take small portions of the foods you want. Enjoy a full plate and remember you can always go back up for seconds but be aware of both fruit and veggies at dinner and watch out if the veggies are covered in butter or soaked in cream sauces. If that's the case take the pickles, garden salad, etc, and add the other yummy foods to your plate. Eat slower than usual and drink water while you eat. Take a break before going for seconds. Let your food settle to see if you are actually still hungry. The saying is take 10 then re-evaluate your stomach. Being able to be mindful about your eating is key. Understanding you don’t have to avoid any foods. Just be mindful about the amount you take to eat and remember everything in moderation.

7 Do not go out on an empty stomach. When you are holiday shopping, traveling or heading to an event have a healthy snack at home before you go or pack something for the road as this will help you from over indulging or eating out on the fly with the hustle the shopping season can bring.

8 – Take the stress out of it! This is supposed to be small changes to living a healthy lifestyle and not going without the things you love. If you focus more on maintenance over the holiday season as appose to weight-loss you will have more success. Be kind to yourself and aware of your choices. In being kind to yourself also be real with yourself and your personal goals. Take the advice of the steps above and you should have some key strategies to getting through this season with ease and peace of mind.

Happy Monday

Happy Health

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