Anonymous courier has Covid-19 message for Muskoka;'Don't send your 5 year old to greet the mailman'

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Anonymous letter-to-the-editor

I am a courier. I am employed by the largest Canadian courier company in Canada. Please respect our personal distancing rules and stay the fuck away from me. I am the guy bringing you non-essential items that you have through Amazon, Canadian Tire, Wayfair, etc. It isn't my stuff, I didn't order it. So please remember, if you got a great deal for Kraft Dinner, I will leave it at your door. I am at roughly 100 places a day - don't send your 5 year old to greet the "mailman."

Also, and this is TOTALLY aimed at cottagers, when you order a 300lb trampoline or a 7 piece outdoor patio set from Wayfair or whatever, don't ask me to take it around the corner to your boathouse and up your stairs. I am a courier, not the Brick or Jennifer's furnishings. I have important stuff, like meds and lawyers offices to get to.

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