Are you bored with the debate yet? Focus on what's right for you - Introducing Renee Delaney

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Renee Delaney

I’m tired of the debate.

Aren’t you?

Are you bored enough yet? With this, who said what, and who was offended the most? I mean how wrong does something have to be before we’ll stop giving it any attention at all? 

Perhaps by now, you too have asked yourself the question, why am I even bothering with this? There seems to be much better things I could be doing with my time.

Isn’t there? … And so begins the introduction to my so called life. 

The life I’m suppose to have complete control over, and yet at the same time I’m also suppose to submit entirely to the powers that be. Ah yes, the life in which we all pretend everything is fine.  EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE! 

Relentlessly, the average human has been pretending their way through the community, trying to not make eye contact, trying to not get in anyone’s way ... or offend anyone … oddly speaking in an octave higher than they normally do when trying to be polite … That’s just simply not me. 

I’m the one who’s been banging down the doors, that have been slammed shut in my face, multiple times, to get some answers. And do I enjoy the struggle? Of course not! But it’s 100% better than the alternative.  Our complacencies leave us no room for growth. There’s been no change. Big “Ag” has taken over while the masses were sleeping off their Turkey dinners. 

And because we’ve done nothing, you begin this odd behaviour, to be able to predict and prove you are right, over and over again. And yes you are right, it’s usually the worst case scenario. And you’re right, that Johnny is a jerk. But it’s because you’re not actually doing anything about it! The complaining pattern just simply repeats.

Now, because I am aware that people tend to see the negative first, I have had to learn what to do with that, to get around it. To not let it hold me back. I always have to actively figure it out because in my experience, these people will continually FIND the way in which they can be offended and they end up trying to take you out. With their negativity alone even. IF you let them you too, in turn, become OFFENDED. 

Oh this happens so often, it pains me to even write it … Quite honestly, it bores me. 

I watch the energy brew, then the inevitable distraction takes place, and then, in the end, you witness the predictable stance of the oh so righteous judgement party. We play these games, me and you. You and them. And them and them. But I don’t want to any more. And I have some questions. I always have questions. That I really enjoy finding out the answers to. I may not like what I see, or what I learn, but I do ENJOY the process of sourcing the truth. Because once you know the truth, you realize yet again, none of this even matters. You return directly to the fact, that this is your life, and you get to decide what you want to do with it. 

It always comes down to having a choice. You just have to watch out for how you go about making it. People tend to leave that part out, all the time, but it’s entirely relevant. Bottom line? If you find things aren’t looking right, try left. Find North. You’re just being you. You need to just ask yourself what you even want and then decide for yourself how you’re going to go about getting it. Be open to figuring it all out. I decided I wanted access to affordable, healthy food, so I started to learn more about it. 

That was 7 years ago, and I feel like maybe I have a few stories to share since then, if you’ll let me. If anyone out there still remembers how to listen that is. 

Until next time? 

Renee Delaney Small Scale Farms

Founder, Owner

Mom of 2

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