As a minority living in Huntsville Skye Goulbourne says from latest Facebook comments racism exists

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Skye Goulbourne

Lying in bed tonight, I am having a full on anxiety attack thinking about comments I have read about why protest here in Huntsville “where it has no impact,” and why not got to Toronto where it can “make a difference.”

Let me say that as a woman of colour living here, it does MAKE A DIFFERENCE when I know that there are allies within the community I have called home for over 20 years. Especially when those allies are outside of my friend and family group.

We should not have to wait until local people of colour are being murdered to take a stand. And to the person who commented “where were these protests years ago?” I imagine there were people who felt like a minority and were afraid to take a stand. Would it have been great for locals to be sharing their support of marginalized groups years ago? Decades ago? Centuries ago? Yes!

Does it take courage to stand up to years of systemic oppression? Yes!

As a MINORITY in a small near-northern community, I encourage and appreciate those who educate themselves and work to create change. I welcome those in the beginning of their journey and those who have fought this battle for years. I have drafted several posts and deleted them from fear of the consequences they may hold. Reading the comments of many local people over the last few days, I have learned that in posting this, I may lose people in my life whom I have developed relationships with over my years in Muskoka.

Feel free to delete me. If quarantine has taught me nothing else, I’ve learned that I am strong. I will be fine regardless the size of my social circle.

Systemic racism is alive. Blatant racism is alive. We need to work together to make any progress. Even in a small town.

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