As of Nov. 1 High Falls Road in Bracebridge is off limits to heavy trucks through winter till Apr. 1

Muskoka Post Staff

BRACEBRIDGE - The District of Muskoka, in partnership with the Town of Bracebridge, have established winter heavy truck restrictions for High Falls Road (Muskoka Road 50) from Nov. 1 to April 1, annually.

District staff decided to enforce the restriction as in the last two years, there were nearly 30 truck incidents on High Falls Road.

“These incidents required tow-trucks and road/lane closures to accommodate recovery efforts on this road alone. Snow and slush accumulates quickly, and even with regular plowing and sanding, heavy trucks simply cannot negotiate the steeply graded portions in the winter months.

Trucks with 2 or more axles are prohibited from using High Falls Road (Muskoka Road 50) from November to April annually. Signage has been installed to communicate these new restrictions.”

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