ASHMuskoka project for Trent U has commenced; Photo Story by citizen journalist Audrey Van Petegem

Audrey Van Petegem was our boots on the ground citizen journalist when on Nov. 1 she joined her fellow Friends of the Muskoka Watershed members to document the beginning of the ASHMuskoka project. The photos were taken by Audrey at Marks Muskoka Maple.

Dr. Norman Yan getting his heads dirty.


In August, Friends of the Muskoka Watershed met with Dr. Shaun Watmough, Professor and Director of the Trent School of the Environment and a leading expert on calcium decline, and four of Dr. Watmough’s graduate students, to officially start the collection of field data for the applied research component of the ASHMuskoka three year project.

Twenty, 10 x 10 meter plots were laid out in three local OMSPA (Ontario Maple Syrup Pro- ducers Association) sugar bushes marking 60 plots in total. In each plot, leaf litter, saplings, foliage from the canopy of leaves high up on the trees, and soil samples were collected.

Audrey said each sugar bush had 6 plots with 80 kg of ash, 6 with 40 kg and 6 with none. Two plots are dormant and will be used if further studies are required.

“In total 2172 kg of ash was spread in two days! No wonder my body hurts!“

The Nov. 1 ASHMuskoka project crew.

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