BellLetsTalkDay is lip service by the same people who destroy mental health

Agatha Farmer

If we really wanted to do something about the state of our mental health we would be working toward revamping our entire socioeconomic and political system to actually improve mental health. Politicians paying lip service to #bellletstalkday does nothing for the actual betterment of mental health. If they really wanted to help they would start looking at how to provide the necessities of shelter for everyone. They would try to figure out how to improve our food chain supply and divert resources to local community farming. Thus addressing food insecurity. A single mother with children who has to count days until she goes back to the food bank is more than likely suffering incredible anxiety and it’s taking a massive toll on her mental health and that of her children. They could address the hamster wheel of working full time and getting nowhere on minimum wage. They could assist young adults by providing post-secondary education for free so students don‘t start their lives already behind in debt which significantly contributes to the decline of youth mental health. A healthy educated population would add value to a nation. If they truly wanted to improve mental health they would try to improve your lives as opposed to talking about how important mental health is.

We can talk all we want but unless there are actions associated with that talk to change our way of life mental health will never improve. We are and have been in a mental health crisis for decades due to outside stress pressed on our daily life. No amount of #bellletstalkday days will fix or change that until the people who we have entrusted to apparently lead change their money and corporate driven narratives. Until then mental health will continue to suffer as we really aren’t doing anything to address the massive socioeconomic elephant in the room.

This is the 11th year for #bellletstalkday and yet our mental health funding still comes up incredibly short and has been destroyed by the same people who will be paying lip service to it today while advertising a massive telecom. This isn’t enough.

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