Beyond Broken with Zero Hope of Repair Until it all Collapses

Sounds like an ominous title ... it should be. Have you ever sat down and watched the documentaries available to us via Netflix or Amazon Prime. The unprecedented rise of China, the epidemic of social media, the disaster in the making of a sixth extinction due to global trading and as a result pollution. This isn't science fiction, these are facts documented by scientists from all over the globe. Think about how fucked up it is that you can purchase an item cheaper from China, keeping in mind that this item has to be transported thousands of miles, and yet it's less expensive than if you were to purchase a similar item locally. Here is a fun fact about freight liners, and this is just one of the ways we transport products add on planes, trains and automobiles to the below emission facts and you'll quickly understand that we are literally killing ourselves for materialistic crap.

Due to the fuel used to power cargo vessels, ships emit sulfur and nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and carbon dioxide. Even though cargo ships are fuel-efficient, 80% of ships use heavy fuel oil, which is a more carbon-intensive type of fuel. These carbon emissions add up to approximately 3% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions, and are projected to increase to 20% of total global emissions by 2050 if we do not intervene. Nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions from 2007–2012 represented 15% & 13% respectively of the global man-made emissions of these oxides.

If anything would have halted the international freight monster it would have been Covid, this virus should have had vendors and business owners really question where they purchase their products from, but alas margins and money trump the planet we live on and 7 months later it's business as usual and heading toward further emission increases because money, habit and stupidity.

Business as usual is killing our oceans, our fish habitat, our arctic and antarctic, and ultimately people based on the amount of air pollution due to consumerism. Humanity created a hamster wheel run on money and useless materialistic shit. It seems that at this juncture in our existence there really is no way of saving the planet until it all collapses in on itself. The human bullshit of politics won't allow it to be saved.

So perhaps such a collapse of civilization as we know it might create a different world. Are people going to experience famine, yes; but they are going to experience that anyway when our bees and pollinators are extinct due to pollution as well as those who want perfect lawns for show and kill these important food chain insects with government approved chemicals. Money is at the core of all industry. Except that our planet doesn't speak that language and most humans no longer speak the planet's language.

Two years ago in 2018 a French ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic poles Segolene Royal said “We are witnessing a race toward large-scale tourism that is dangerous for ecosystems," as she spoke about the tour boats invading the pristine unclaimed lands of the poles. Royal said the activity creates “considerable disturbance”, a statement that cruise operators dispute. Well of course they dispute it; if they were to admit it they are causing irreparable damage how would they make the five figures it costs to visit this wildlife sanctuary. As usual the common thread of our time 'money over common sense.' This tends to be the tagline for pretty much everything we have done over the last 6 decades.

David Attenborough recently said that the human species has overrun our planet. We are like vermin destroying our only home. A vermin problem in your home might be taken care of by a call to the exterminator. In nature's case the planet will take care of us herself, she will then rest and regenerate. Covid is but one of the ways she will exterminate an animal which has over extended its welcome. Make no mistake that humans are simply a smarter more intelligent version of an animal species. You're still at the core an animal that belongs to the habitat of this planet.

We will never be able to turn around or for that matter control the people who like their wealth and are wealthy on the back of the hamster wheel, we will never be able to live in harmony with nature until we continue to have the charade of governments. Permaculture is a foreign word to most people in 2020 because we have stepped so far out of our natural bounds. Practice permaculture, stay independent of the system, and cross your fingers that eventually the unsustainability of it all collapses in on itself as our eco systems collapse around us forcing the human species to either change or face extinction. Regardless if we are here or not the planet itself will regenerate and thankfully when that occurs most of the human species won't be here to witness it. Currently that is the trajectory we are headed in and if for one second you assume that your hamster wheel inconsequential 9-5 makes a bit of difference to this planet which is suspended in the enormity of nothingness you simply don't understand the scope.

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