BLACK RAM MEDIA: Establishing Brands & Leaders while Entertaining  Tel: 1-877-466-7471 In this Covid-19 world, businesses, politicians and community leaders alike are struggling to re-brand and switch gears in what seems like nanoseconds. This lighting speed of change adaptation can be difficult to maneuver which often highlights the need for agile public relations and media professionals. During this time Ontario's Black Ram Media has ramped up their business strategy and are assisting clients from coast to coast in delivering clear messaging to an often confused public. Black Ram Media takes pride in not just being media experts but business experts too.  Black Ram Media's mission is to help showcase the world’s best talent. These days, politicians and industry leaders gain as much celebrity as our most respected entertainers.  A leader’s personal brand is as essential to cultivate as is that of their company. Whether it’s getting your name out there, establishing social proof, or coming through a crisis or hiatus, Black Ram Media has creative strategies to help get you, and keep you on top. Black Ram Media empowers their clients with strategy, media, web and other services to help position them exactly where they wish to be, at the top of their game! Through non-stop innovation Black Ram Media is launching Black Ram TV. The company is currently producing two shows as a YouTube Web series. To air soon:  Late Night with Dr Paul - It’s not late and he’s not a doctor but he sure is funny and makes a damn good martini. The show appeals to intellectualites. Black Ram Media is looking for interesting successful people doing amazing things. Dr. Paul has interviewed the likes of Kevin O’Leary, Sloan, senators etc. and he is looking for people to chat with, applications are currently being accepted.  Crossroads Medium - She obtained instant online notoriety when she started giving live readings over Facebook. Her reach grew to thousands almost instantly across the globe. She doesn’t just wow people with her talent and skill, but each episode is about helping people to tune to themselves in order to live their best life. Black Ram's cofounder was so inspired by the classes she took and the reading she received, she felt the world really needed something like this at this time and decided to use the platform to create a show for her. Go behind the scenes to watch private readings and discover tips and techniques to help better attune to yourself to create the life of your dreams. Black Ram Media is your one stop shop for public relations, media consulting, marketing, photography, video, and soon a YouTube Web Series provider. 

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