Bracebridge 2020 budget is a good news story for tax payers with a 0.1% increase in tax rates

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In a Jan. 30 press release Bracebridge council announced the approval of the 2020 municipal budget for the town.

Adoption of the budget resulted in a 0.1 per cent increase to the town’s tax rates, this equates to an increase of less than $1 per $100,000 of assessment for the year.

The release also states that the 2020 budget ensures current municipal service levels are maintained while allocating funding required to set the town’s recent planning into action.

“Due to council’s foresight and excellent financial planning, the 2020 Municipal Budget and Business Plan contains an aggressive capital program, including the initial construction of a new Multi -Use Community Centre, with essentially no increase to the tax rate," said Mayor Graydon Smith.

The budget focuses on maintaining existing service levels; funding initiatives recommended in the town’s strategic plan and recreation, parks and trails master plan; preserving and rehabilitating existing infrastructure; supporting local businesses; and planning for costs associated with the new Multi-Use Community Centre .

Highlights of the approved 2020 budget include :

 $6.8 million for design and initial construction of a new Multi -Use Community Centre

 $3.3 million to complete the extension and widening of Salmon Avenue

 $2.4 million for replacement of Black Bridge, $2.1 million to be received from the Federal and Provincial governments

 $1.4 million for implementation of projects contained in the Recreation, Parks & Trails Master Plan

 Increased staff support for the town’s Planning and Development, Public Works and Recreation functions

 Growing the annual allocation to the town’s Major Infrastructure reserve to support pro-active, long-term planning for the replacement and/or expansion of major community facilities.

The approved 2020 budget will be available in the “Budgets and Financial Reports ” section of the town’s website at

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