Bracebridge residents are warning of possible property thieves following suspicious incidents

Bracebridge resident Ryan Penney takes a picture of two sets of suspicious footprints around his home.

Muskoka Post Staff

BRACEBRIDGE - Bracebridge resident Bill Kewley lives on Santa’s Village Road and had the following experience and warning for other residents.

“Just a heads up on Santas Village Rd ... my son was at my home alone on the muskoka river with no cars in the driveway and the garage door left open ... two individuals in a beat up blue Chevy 1/2 ton with a dent in the driver side rear by the tail lights entered my garage and sized up my table saw and snow blower, my son opened the door and they proceeded to say they were just curious if the stuff was for sale. Right!! This vehicle apparently had duct tape around the backend as well, if anyone knows these individuals can they please let me.

Thank you in advance for any help.”

Kewley posted the details of the incident on the Facebook group Let’s Make Bracebridge Great on Monday, Nov. 18. It didn’t take long for other residents to post their stories of suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods.

Ryan Penney said that yesterday his girlfriend called him in a panic after finding the above footprints around their house.

“I'm on Shier St. and we had 2 sets of boot prints walk around our house. My gf called me in a panic,” he wrote on the post.

Kewley noted that he will be reporting the suspicious visit to the OPP.

Muskoka Post has reached out to the Bracebridge OPP, as soon as a comment becomes available we will update this article.

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