Bracebridge residents receive suspect flyer in Canada Post mailbox; Canada Post says not them

Hand written direct mail marketing flyer as delivered to a Bracebridge resident in her mailbox.

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Agatha Farmer

This week a Bracebridge resident found what appeared to be a hand written letter in her mailbox. It set off scam alarm bells, however, this was in her Canada Post mailbox delivered as an advertising flyer.

Canada Post promotes direct mail marketing on their website to assist businesses in "driving action to their brand."

Muskoka Post shared the image of the flyer with our readers and asked if anyone else had received the letter. Among many responses the following reader comments illustrate how far reaching the direct marketing campaign has been and how some residents feel about the marketing material.

Pamela Cain: "Yes. I had the same letter in my mail box as well."

Diane Hodge: "It's a flyer made to look hand written. I deliver mail and we had them to give out a few months ago."

Kellie Ross: "Diane Hodge That sounds like Canada Post is aiding and abetting SCAMS then."

Sara McRae: "Kellie Ross don't shoot the messenger."

Kellie Ross: "Sara McRaeSorry ... didn’t mean to sound like I was ... but glad you pointed out that Canada Post allows this stuff. There should be a screening process if you want flyers delivered in the mail."

June Cowieson: "My son got a letter like this in his mailbox in Guelph."

Kelly Truswell: "We got the exact same letter in Ottawa."

Muskoka Post reached out to Canada Post to verify if this was in fact the company's direct mail marketing based on the multi location scope of the campaign and the fact that people claim to be receiving these via their Canada Post mailboxes.

Canada Post responded and said that "based on the image shared, there is no contract ID or registration number to trace these. It appears these are being hand-dropped into mailboxes."

We have sent Canada Post follow up questions regarding the access to Canada Post mailboxes and ad copy guidelines for direct mail marketing. We will update this article if more information becomes available.

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