Bracebridge to expedite town road surface improvements; Evening and Night construction facilitated

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Town of Bracebridge

In the coming days and weeks, residents will begin to see some essential construction projects resuming or starting. Residents will also see essential maintenance and operations work undertaken by the District of Muskoka. The work will be carried out with the health and well-being of residents and workers as a priority. In early April, the Province of Ontario defined construction of roads, watermains, sewers and other municipal services to be essential to ensure that these services continue to work properly and continue to meet our community’s needs. 

Operations and maintenance of our roads is also critical to the ongoing needs of residents throughout Muskoka and we look forward to continuing plans to upgrade and maintain the Muskoka road network amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to move forward with construction projects, as well as operations and maintenance, our approach is consistent with other municipalities across Ontario. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve at a fast pace, we will evaluate and re-assess our approach with the safety of residents and workers as a priority.

The District of Muskoka and Town of Bracebridge have partnered together to expedite road surface improvements throughout downtown Bracebridge.

Milling and paving will commence soon at the Manitoba, Monck & McDonald Street intersection - along Manitoba Street downtown, ending in the area adjacent to Silver Bridge. Improvements will also occur at the Manitoba Street and Taylor Road intersection, approximately down the hill to the CN tracks. 

To expedite the schedule, evening and overnight work will be facilitated resulting in a new driving surface by the end of May. Construction may commence as early as the evening of Sunday, May 3, 2020.

It’s recognized that essential businesses and residents in the construction limits will be affected by construction activity. Measures have been put into place by the Contractor (Fowler) to reduce inconveniences as much as practical. Parking will be maintained during the day for access to businesses and for curbside pickups. Affected businesses and residents are encouraged to contact the District of Muskoka with any questions or concerns. 

During Construction:

-       no overnight parking along Manitoba Street  -       localized detours and/or traffic delays will be in effect during the construction period -       evening and night work will be facilitated as required    -       construction expected to be complete at the end of May What is Milling and Paving?

The water and sewer underground infrastructure throughout downtown Bracebridge is not scheduled for replacement at this time, but the road surface is in need of repair. Milling and paving is a swift and efficient solution to achieve a smooth driving surface and reduce the maintenance costs associated with our Downtown core.

To accomplish this, the top portion of asphalt is removed from the start to end of the construction limits. This is most efficiently achieved when there is little to no traffic to contend with and this will be facilitated in the evening or overnight hours to expedite the project to avoid prolonged disruptions. Some repairs to curbs, existing manholes and water connections may also be undertaken in coordination with these efforts, when and if required.

For more information and to stay updated on this project, please visit

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