Canadian Covid Vaccine petition to ensure informed choice and Not coercion

Gisele Baribeau

Vaccine Choice Canada

As another health conscious and individual medical rights advocate, we take this opportunity to share with you an initiative to protect medical freedom in Canada.

A House of Commons petition has been launched directed to the Government of Canada on COVID 19 vaccine safety and vaccine mandates.  The petition brings attention to our Members of Parliament and to those who sign the petition the lack of proper safety testing, the lack of independent oversight, the significant risks of coronavirus vaccines, the experimental nature of a COVID 19 vaccine, and the fact COVID 19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or transmission. 

 The petition calls for an independent vaccine approval review process with individuals who have no conflicts of interest, for safety testing standards that meet or exceed those for other pharmaceutical products, for preservation of informed choice and no coercion or mandates for compliance, and for a pharmaceutical funded vaccine injury compensation program. Such a program exists for US citizens. Why not Canada?

COVID 19 has a death rate of 0.024 % compared to a death rate of 0.13% for influenza and pneumonia.

A factually based risk assessment of SARS-CoV-19 virus impact does not call for an enormously expensive, population-wide application of a warp-speed, risk-laden, potentially DNA-modifying vaccine.

We request you send this petition to your friends and supporters asking them to sign and share with their friends and contacts. 

The petition can be signed

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