Canadians 'are like lambs to the slaughter' says Alberta doctor of draconian lockdown measures

Agatha Farmer

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a physician living in Canada, he has been silenced and censored following a presentation he did to a municipal council in Alberta in opposition to further restrictions and lockdowns.

"I'm a traditional physician, I spent my life in evidence based medicine," he states in an interview with UK journalist Anna Brees who was removed from Facebook and YouTube for interviewing him. Dr. Hodkinson has had death threats on his life. He says he sleeps well but the threats are impacting his family and employees.

His most important oath Hodkinson says is "do no harm." This is the oath which motives him to continue speaking out against lockdown measures.

"Before you even think of treating someone, first do no harm and that's what's motivating me because as I survey all the unintended consequences of these interventions internationally it's very clear to me that the degree of harm in many different aspects of society grossly exceeds the benefit that they claim. When there is so much out of sync with the intended objective and the degree of harm is so enormous it's up to every phsystican to stand up and be counted"

He has a very clear message to the world in relation to the virus.

"It's no different from last year's flu, there are nuances of difference that are irrelevant, it's not SARS and it's not EBOLA. We are dealing with an upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus which is out of the bottle. The Genie is out of the bottle and it is utterly unstoppable by any of the measures that are being contemplated. Masks don't work, social distancing doesn't work, closures of all kind don't work. Testing doesn't work, none of it works to address the problem because the Genie is out of the bottle. The majority of deaths are occurring in elderly people with comorbidity's and in our province if you translate those numbers into actual hard core numbers the risk of death under 60 in the province of Alberta is 1 in 300,000. You don't inject into ordinary life these draconian measures to try and save 1 in 300,000 people. Many of those under 60 who are dying also have comorbidity's."

Hodkinson says that if there is no significant threat for the vast majority of the population the entire focus, as the Great Barrington declaration said, should be on the elderly in nursing homes for whom there should be a redoubling of protection. He says that is not happening. Hodkinson says that is "where the action should be not the draconian restrictions of freedom for people who are simply not going to die."

Dr. Hodkison was one of the many international physicians who signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

When asked why so many doctors are not speaking out he says that medicine is populated by individuals who are usually very reluctant to stand up publicly and speak their mind for all kinds of reasons not the least which is professional pressure which he has admitted to experiencing.

"I've been expected to defend myself about the statements that I'm making which I am. Physician incomes are at stake, and you should not assume that physicians are necessarily educated in what they are talking about. A significant proportion of GP's refer their patients to chiropractors for whom I have other names but that very referral speaks volumes that their education is severely lacking. The fact that there are many physicians speaking in favour of lockdowns it comes as no surprise that they are taking that position."

He also speaks of the intimidation doctors face and that it's overt and if you articulate something that is contrary to a current narrative you are shamed.

Dr. Hodkinson notes that the current Canadian narrative is to unquestionably "salut the tin pot dictators imposing the draconian restrictions on personal freedoms. The average person feels that they have to trust their leaders so they implicitly put their masks on, they are like lambs to the slaughter. It's tragic."

He says that the mandate to forbid people from visiting their elderly relatives by the state is "heinously offensive."

In his interview Dr. Hodkinson also admits that he was recently contacted by the Associated Press who wanted to fact check him and told him upfront that they want to debunk him.

He told Brees that how Covid surfaced is actually very simple.

"It was a dirty pair of shoes that walked out of a high security lab in Wuhan that became entered into the general population. The air flights between Wuhan and Milan because of the leather industry immediately transported it to Europe ... the media gorges on crisis, it's what sells advertising and fanned it internationally."

He says that politicians around the globe watching this unfold without proper data context panicked and implemented draconian mandates overnight and are now reluctant to change them because that's not the nature of politics.

The solution Hodkinson says is the Great Barrington declaration and protection of the elderly.

"It's personal responsibility, if you are sick you stay at home. You don't need the state to tell you or a test. You stayed at home had chicken noodle soup, you sprinkled it with Tylenol, you went to bed, you sweat it out and you decided when you were well enough to go back to work. Not the state, that's what should happen."

He says that the elderly can be efficiently protected without impacting the general public.

"They are interfering with our very freedoms on the basis of erroneous testing. That is the core of it all. The testing is hopelessly inaccurate and should have never been done on an asymptomatic population. The number of false positives is enormous especially in labs that are stressed with many tests to run, with techs who are uneducated in molecular diagnostics, unaware of aerosol, not aerosols from individuals with Covid, but aerosols created in the lab when you pop a tube. The assumptions that all these test are correct and that they all reflect true infections is a lie."

Vastly more harm is being created by these interventions that have essentially no evidence based support. That was the conclusion of my peers in the Great Barrington Declaration and I stand by that and will not change a single word of what I said.

You can watch the full interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson here:

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