Cannabis Corner; 8 Easy Peasy Step by Step instructions to making crockpot CannaButter in pictures

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If you have grown your marijuana crop, harvested and trimmed, you are more than likely left with a good amount dry sticks, leaves and branches. These extra’s are great for Cannabis Tea and CannaButter.

Below is a first time experience and experiment in turning water, butter, and dry cannabis remnants into CannaButter and by extension sweet pot edibles.

Supplies needed;


4 cups of water

454 grams of butter

1 medium bowl of dried Cannabis remnants

Cheese cloth


Step 1.

In your crockpot melt butter in water.

Step 2.

Make sure the butter bar melts fully before adding Cannabis.

Step 3.

Add your dried Cannabis sticks, leaves, and buds into the melted butter. We didn’t want to waste any precious THC from our crop so we dried and saved the entire plant to use.

Step 4.

Set the crockpot on low heat for 8 hours and let it all simmer. Your house will be infused with the sweet buttery smell of cannabis.

Step 5.

When finished simmering, remove as much of the cannabis plant from the crockpot and get ready to strain the canna liquid into a bowl.

Step 6.

Pour the melted canna butter from the crockpot through a strainer with a cheesecloth into a bowl. The straining process allows for a smooth butter type consistency. Let it stand for 1/2 hour to cool and then place into the fridge for another 8 hours.

Step 7.

Once you take the CannaButter out of the fridge it should have congealed on top of the bowl, with the water from the mixture settled at the bottom. Simply remove the top layer of CannaButter from the bowl and place it in another container. You can strain the water left behind to collect all your remaining pieces of butter.

Step 8.

Voila! CannaButter. You can now use your butter for cookies, brownies as well as toast spread! Bon Appetit!

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