Cannabis Corner: The Grass Roots Story of Milk and Cookies and Cannabis for the Less Fortunate

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

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Amy Anonymous

Milk and Cookies for the Homeless, later named Milk and Cookies and Cannabis for the Less Fortunate, began when I saw a homeless man on the street on my way to work.

It was freezing out and he needed winter clothes. I figured I could get some pants from a friend (as his were torn) and buy him a pair of gloves and a hat to help him and also give him some cannabis. I mean, blunts always make me feel better! He was so thankful and all I could think of was how can I do more.

I decided I wanted to give out care packages of warmth to people living on the streets of Toronto. A quick post to my social media and donations started coming in. The first year I gave out Milk, cookies, gloves, a toque and some cannabis. I decided to make this a yearly event. Every year our gift bags grow!

The items we give out now include: a winter coat, toque, gloves, hand warmers, socks, scarves, purses for women filled with hygiene products, cannabis, grinders, papers, pre loaded $10 cards for Tim’s or McDonalds and of course, milk and cookies.

This is the 9th year that our cannabis community has came together to help make this happen. I am so thankful for everyone that has donated over the last 9 years to make this possible.

I feel it’s very important to be compassionate and understand that this could happen to ANYONE. These people are victims of circumstance and deserve love and compassion and warmth too! This is someone’s daughter or mother or brother or uncle. Many hugs will also be given out! - And I’m positive I’ll shed a few tears.

I will be giving these gift bags out at the end of the second week of December.

IG TheAmyAnonymous


(For anyone that wants to donate for next year)

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