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Our in-house bud expert Amy Wray, manager of the Cannabis Muskoka Educational Expo, is here to answer everything cannabis.  

MUSKOKA - The abundance of the harvest season is in full swing and a cherry popper legal one for cannabis growers.

If you, however, are a newbie to the pot growing community, or perhaps you are looking to start next year or just need to brush up on your harvest skills,  as a nod to the season, Muskoka Post, had Amy Wray answer some common bud harvest questions.

1. When is the ideal time to harvest cannabis?

Amy: It really depends on the strain you are growing as to when it is ready. I myself have two plants that should be ready to harvest in about two weeks, then another one which won’t be ready for maybe closer to 4 weeks. It really depends on the strain and when the plants started growing.  Most seeds should say how long they need to finish. Auto flowers are faster then a regular strain.

How to harvest the plant?

Amy: Cut the branches from the main stock and allow them to dry for at least seven to nine days. The drying duration, however, will depend on the size of the buds and branches. It should be evident just by touching the buds when they are ready but don’t dry them too much or they will crumble. You want your buds to have a bit of moisture in them so they don’t crumble when you touch them.

What can you do with the stems and fan leaves?

Amy: Trim the outer fan leaves and dry them, once dried out they can be made into hash or oil. The stocks can be boiled into some true green tea.

How to store your cannabis after harvest?

Amy: We like to store ours in mason jars. After the buds have dried you then want to put them into jars for a night or two then open the jars, this is the curing process. It will also take a few days. Again you don’t want it to get too dry. But if it’s not dried enough it can go Mouldy.

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