Charcuterie Boards have invaded Christmas; Christine Kropp gives us the lowdown on the popular trend

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Christine Kropp

When we started November reviewing the cookbook 'ON BOARDS', I didn’t realize just how popular charcuterie boards would be this holiday season. They seem to be available

everywhere, at the bookstore, home design centre, even the grocery store. I have seen a DIY event night where you make your own board! Not just as an amazing addition to your appetizer menu, but the art of creating the board itself.

A charcuterie board could be made and served on any surface; a festive platter, your favourite

crystal plate, even a plastic tray for a picnic. Most commonly used is the wooden board, available in various shapes and size. I love the look of a live edge board that has a handle making it easy to carry to the coffee table.

Charcuterie boards made of wood are food safe but choosing any piece of wood to use as your board is not always a good idea. Wood that is coated in varnish or lacquer may not be food safe, and fresh cut wood needs to be cleaned, sanded and oiled before putting food on it.

When cleaning a wood board, wash the board well on both sides, with warm soapy water,

scrubbing the board, ensuring all cracks are cleaned out well. Dry immediately. Don’t soak your board in water, as it might warp.

Slate boards and marble are great natural materials that are food safe. A slate board is dark in nature and will give the light colour of cheese a contrast. Slate also allows for the use of chalk to write the types of the cheeses you are serving. A slate board can be placed in the freezer before using and will keep your cheeses and meats cold when out on the table. Similar to slate, a marble board is a cool material and will keep your meats cold as well. Light in colour, marble is a nice contrast to fruits and meats. Marble can also be written on with a charcoal pen. To clean a slate or marble board, wash in warm soapy water, dry immediately.

So many options and recipes for creative charcuterie boards. I am excited for our cookbook club event on Wednesday where we will put together a few different styles of charcuterie boards from our chosen cookbook “ON BOARDS”. Tickets are still available online. Featured at the event will be the beautiful wooden boards created by Muskoka Woodchuck, pictured above, and available for purchase at Refined Kitchen & Bath showroom. A great gift for the foodie on your Christmas list.

Have you tried different ways of putting a charcuterie board together? Do you have favourite meats? Cheese? that you always use? We would love to hear about your experience with charcuterie boards, mention in the comments below.

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