Cheri McLeod; Here we go again with the same old story Muskoka - Aitchison’s feet will be toasty

Cheri McLeod

Here we go again. 

I thought we deserved better. I was optimistic that the Conservatives had worn out their welcome in Parry Sound-Muskoka and this election would see change in our region, but no. New MP - Same old story.

We’re a huge riding covering 19,275 square KM, with a population of just under 100K, with diverse needs that just don’t fit into the PC platform and yet we chose to have a Conservative represent us again? I don’t get it.

This is a difficult riding to serve. We’re cottage country and hunt camps. Picturesque tourism towns and failing villages all but forgotten since Hwy 11 was relocated.

We’re family farms and market gardens, but too few to feed us all in our crop desert. We’re multi-million dollar cottages and in contrast, we’re also young families pushed out of South Western Ontario because of skyrocketing housing costs. Families are forced to get by in tiny trailers on leased land while they try and save up to buy a house.

We are the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. 

This is Ontario’s tourism golden land with some of the most beautiful natural resources in all of Canada. Protecting this environment is a primary concern for Muskoka residents. However this isn’t a priority for the Conservatives.

They have illustrated that they would rather fight about a carbon tax than take responsibility. That scares me. 

I want our new Member of Parliament actually representing the people of this riding. Not just showing up for cutting ribbons and photo ops, but fighting for our needs. As a constituent, I’ll be holding our newly elected member accountable for his actions and inactions.

I’d like real action plans please; Not just a line in a stump speech.

I’ll be asking him how he plans to tackle poverty in our area.

How does our new MP plan on helping our seniors age in place and yet still have the medical care they need.

I will be asking him what he’s got planned for affordable housing, especially for small towns and rural areas.  I want to know how he’s going to save our hospitals.

I need to know what he’s going to do to help our small towns survive and thrive. I’ll be watching to make sure he’s addressing all the needs of the citizens of this riding. Huntsville is a beautiful town but it’s only a tiny part of our huge riding. I’ll make sure he knows the rest of us are here, too. 

While I’m disappointed with a Conservative outcome, since almost any other option would have been more hopeful, I’m an optimistic person by nature. Who knows? Maybe our new MP will surprise me.

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