Childhood sexual abuse victim petitions Ottawa for an inquiry into Catholic priest pedophiles

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

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OTTAWA - A petition calling for an inquiry into the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal was published today on the House of Commons petition portal and approved by Liberal Niagara Centre MP Vance Badawey.

The petition was initiated by Daniela Siggia, CoFounder Of Black Ram Media Group Inc on behalf of William O'Sullivan and the #ChurchToo Movement. O'Sullivan is a church sex abuse survivor who staged a one man protest outside St Kevin's Parish in Welland every Sunday.

Local community activist Rob Primerano started The Sully Movement in support of O'Sullivan at the one year mark of Sully's Sunday protests. What was supposed to be a one day show of support quickly gained traction to dozens standing with Sully every Sunday. The Facebook group he created grew to over 1000 members within days.

Local NDP MP Jeff Burch met with O'Sullivan, Primerano and Siggia the morning of the petition's publication to offer his support and advice recognizing that all levels of government have a place in ensuring the protection of children.

The petition includes the complaint that the Catholic Church has not released the names of pedophiles and moved sexual predators around enabling ongoing abuse and evasion of criminal prosecution. It highlights the social ripple effect this systemic predation of children has cost Canadian communities in silent suffering of victims leading to health, mental health, criminal and addiction costs to society. It would inform the public about systemic abuse of children and on establishing new policies that hold guilty priests accountable under the law, and prevent these acts of criminality to be repeated.

Siggia is adamant in her messaging that the majority of Catholics are innocent victims, as these priests predated among their most vulnerable members. She believes an inquiry would help protect Catholics from further victimization and would lay the groundwork for truth and reconciliation for the Church as an integral member of Canada's diverse tapestry of faith.

The petition specifically calls on The House of Commons to instigate a public inquiry compelling Catholic church leadership to testify under oath with a comprehensive investigation with the aim of not only identifying pedophile priests, but also the logistics operation established by leadership that helped facilitate the continued sexual predation of children.

The online petition can be viewed and signed here:

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