Cottager shocked at what he saw in Muskoka over the weekend; Suggests rebate on property taxes

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Bruno Petrucci

I was shocked of what I saw this weekend in Muskoka. We have the Mayors telling cottagers to stay home so we don't overwhelm their community and help from spreading this Virus. When I went to help a local elderly go to the Eveleigh Tranfer Station this weekend we were told that the Tap Machine was not working and it is Visa only. I thought it was odd a public place would continue but on our way out the attendant took our card with no Glove no Mask or any concerns that he is touching every one's card that came in that day.

To make matters worse the Fish and Chip store in Bala for take-out only had people standing at the window side by side. So to all the Mayors I am disappointed that myself and other cottagers who have stayed home and still paid taxes see that the Region is being run like that. Why don't they say we want to help you out and don't pay your taxes for a month and thank you for not coming, but no they will blame the cottagers for this at the end.

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