Daniela Siggia's New Book is a No Filter Guide on What Not to Say to Cancer patients

Who has the heart to tell a friend or family member; ‘Hey, you’re actually making things worse’ or ‘ You think you’re being inspiring but when you talk like that, after you leave she goes to bed and cries for three hours.‘

Daniela Siggia had her cancer aha moment years following her mother's diagnosis. She became an expert in managing the life changing topic when her dad received terminal cancer news. Siggia has since written a to the point, no bullshit truly practical emotional how-to guide; In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer.

This book is an honest portrayal of life with cancer, and all the pet peeves cancer patients suffer that many, would never dare say out loud. In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer is a must read for anyone that has a loved one facing this life altering diagnosis. Its a handy guide of what not to do when trying to be there for someone you love with this disease and shows you how to navigate such a delicate space with grace and true helpful support. Siggia shares her experience as a daughter and caregiver alongside her parent's experience as patients.

"We all want to 'be there' when a loved one gets blindsided with a diagnosis as devastating as cancer. In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer will show you how, in a way that is truly helpful. This book is a voice for anyone living with this illness sharing honest sentiments many patients would never have the heart to tell a loved one that with good intentions, may be hurting more than helping with their support. Whether you are a patient with well meaning family and friends annoying the hell out of you, or a caregiver feeling like you are walking on eggs trying to say and do the right thing, this book is for you," Siggia said.

In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer illustrates how cancer impacts family relationships in hard ways but also in great ways.

"Despite all the well intentioned missteps, it actually brought my family closer together and me making home remedies for treatment side effects inspired a formulation which then inspired an entire new body care brand that we are launching as a family business in the next few months - www.NobleBodyCare.com," said Siggia

The 5 star rated book In Loving Denial: Stop Saying I Beat Cancer by Daniela Siggia can be purchased on Amazon here.


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