Deerhurst extends discount for locals during Covid-19 Summer; Backyard staycation

Photo Credit: Deerhurst Resort

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Agatha Farmer

A couple of weeks ago Muskoka Post asked Deerhurst if the resort would be open to offering a local discount for Muskokan's who have been stuck at home during Covid-19. Many of us would love a lakeside reprieve even if just for 24 hours regardless if we are residents. Something about packing an overnight bag seems to scream relaxing even before you crack open a beer on your jacuzzi room balcony regardless of how far away you are from home. The brain instantly goes into mini vacation mode which is something we all need as we continue to live in the state of a pandemic.

We also asked our readers if they would be interested in local discounts for not just Deerhurst but other Muskoka resorts. Many residents said they would take advantage of such an offer, while others felt it was unfair to ask a business during a pandemic for discounts. Fair enough. However, driving local business now is also more important than ever and incentives work.

Jesse Hamilton, Deerhurst general manager, emailed us back and said "I think this is a great idea and we are happy to take a look at what rate we could put together."

Today the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce sent through the great news regarding a local discount from Deerhurst Resort.

"To all our Muskoka friends, are you yearning to get out of your own four walls but not ready or able to travel this summer? You’re in luck.

Not only do you live in a beautiful area that usually attracts travelers from all over the world, but Deerhurst Resort is extending a special 20% discount on accommodation for local friends from our Muskoka community to enjoy a mini staycation close to home.

This summer, come and enjoy what the rest of the world enjoys, right in your own backyard!


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