Delicious Muskoka Review: Currie’s Corner Farm chicken melts in your mouth

Delicious Muskoka Staff

HUNTSVILLE- As we get ready to savour a sacred bird this Thanksgiving weekend we wanted to address our experience with another fowl which is sure to wet your appetite.

We recently picked up a whole farm fresh chicken from Currie’s Corner Farm. We have been getting our eggs at this farm for quite some time now.

We baked the 2 kilogram bird at 375F for a couple of hours, basted it, stuffed if with lemon, roasted garlic and apple. Upon completion the meat was juicy, tender and decadently soft, almost melted in your mouth on the first bite.

To accompany our mouthwatering bird on the side we prepared a sweet potato veggie medley with bok choi, red peppers, and zucchini topped off with delightfully colourful Indian spices.

A dry white wine pairing is highly recommended with this recipe.

If you’re looking for farm fresh chicken, lamb, and eggs visit Currie’s Corner Farm in Huntsville at 116 Bethune Road North.

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