District of Muskoka continues to patrol roads and freshet water levels

Hoodstown Road in Huntsville

Agatha Farmer

As we sit tight through COVID-19 Mother Nature hasn’t hit the pause button and spring in Muskoka is unfolding as intended.

The ice on the regions lakes has started to melt and rivers have begun to swell. We followed up with the district of Muskoka about the freshet. Quinn Michelle, public works media relations, said ”roads continue to be patrolled by staff for maintenance requirements and deficiencies, as well as monitoring flood levels. We will provide more information on any flood concerns as information is received.“

Michelle also updated this publication regarding the current washout on Hoodstown Road in Huntsville. Hoodstown Road has had temporary repairs expedited on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

“The road is passable and is being monitored - a more permanent repair is planned to take place later this year,” she said. More information on 2020 Freshet and Flood Plain Mapping:


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