District of Muskoka Guide to new protective garbage collection measures

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On March 23 the district of Muskoka released new protective garbage collection measures. Today the district has supplied a quick guide for anyone who has questions regarding the new measures. Is my curbside collection schedule changing? No. Currently, collection schedules remain the same. We encourage residents to download our “Muskoka Recycles” app on the App Store or Google Play to receive service alerts for any collection impacts.

How do I prepare my Recycling for collection? Sorted recycling continues to be collected every week. There are no program changes to what is accepted. For more information on acceptable material, try our Waste Wizard. We are encouraging households to secure recyclables inside clear/transparent sealed/tied bags, to protect loose material from being blown at the curb.

What if I don’t have clear bags to contain my recycling? I only have blue boxes. That’s alright! We need everyone, however, to secure their materials at the curb. Stack your boxes tight. Don’t overload your blue boxes. When there are strong winds, place boxes out on the morning of your collection day instead of the night before. Place heavy items like bundled newspapers and magazines on top of the lighter items. We are asking you to think about containing your material when it leaves your house, to further protect the health and wellbeing of collectors, waste management staff, and the community who may come across wind-blown litter.

How do I prepare my Garbage for collection? Garbage collection remains the same. Please ensure all garbage is securely inside a black garbage bag and make sure it’s not too heavy. We will not be collecting any loose garbage inside garbage cans. All material must be bagged to ensure collection.

What if I don’t have a garbage can? Can I still put my garbage bag out at the curb?

Yes! Black bags at the curb will be collected. Please just make sure all garbage is securely tied and sealed. If you have a garbage can or roadside bin, please use it for additional containment. If you don’t own one, you do not need to purchase a garbage can.

Is loose recycling accepted at transfer stations? Yes. Please ensure, however, that materials are safely and securely deposited in the provided bins to avoid litter.

I have more questions. The District waste collection programs are continuing to operate, but will be modified to ensure the health and safety of staff and the community. If you have more questions, please contact the public works department at publicworks@muskoka.on.ca or call us at 705-645-6764.

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