Drop the Fear and Replace it with Love & Kindness;'We are living in times of epic transformation'

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Trinity O'Brien

We are living in times of epic transformation. Much of it is unsettling and can be a challenge on a variety of levels for many. To witness so many people shaming, belittling and judging others for their beliefs and choices is unsettling beyond words. Always remember how another acts and behaves says more about them than you.

Telling the world that non-mask wearers are selfish, unstable, narcissist, and the like is just ignorant. One has no idea why another makes the choices they do. Thinking all mask wearers are judgmental assholes is also ignorant. You have no clue why another chooses to wear a mask. Comparing not wearing a mask to not wearing a seatbelt is irrelevant.

How about for one week, or even one day, you practice treating everyone as you like to be treated? In your words, actions and thoughts you project onto another. The lack of compassion, and entitlement that your way is the only way to be/think, tells me the bulk of society has a ways to go before kindness is their go to way of being.

Do your own investigation of this virus that still has a death rate of less than 1%. Even if it sat at 5% which it is no where close to, still would not justify what is currently the reality of our society. Turn off your TV. Letting main stream media be your sole source of information is doing yourself a huge disservice. It has always been that way. Now it is more important than ever to question everything you are being told. The media is spoon feeding fear and separation amongst people. The majority are still falling for it, although I see evidence daily that many are beginning to wake up. Waking up is not an easy process. It makes you question everything about yourself and all else. These are the most challenging of times to be going through that process, yet it is these times which are pushing people into doing just that. This is a good thing. Very good thing.

So as we all go through this time of great awakening, a time where we possibly see much, very differently than our family, friends and loved ones may see things - please remember to be kind. Name calling, judging, condemning, making assumptions doesn't move us toward creating a better world.

Just be kind people. For the love of all creation, show up as the best version of yourself in every encounter. Living in a free world, where all have access to housing, food, health, love and a supportive community for all is created by each of us. Not the government. We, together, with understanding, compassion, care and tolerance will create the world we call home. Drop the fear and replace with love.

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