Drunk Driver Marco Muzzo to appear in Gravenhurst for second parole hearing

Jennifer Neville-Lake speaks at Marco Muzzo's 2018 parole hearing.

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Muskoka Post Staff

Convicted drunk driver Marco Muzzo will be attending a parole hearing in Gravenhurst on April 28.

In 2015 Muzzo killed three children and their grandfather when he drove through a stop sign and slammed into the van carrying the victims. Muzzo is seeking parole for the second time, he was denied in 2018 as the board said “he lacked insight into his drinking habits and the risk they pose to others.”

The Parole Board of Canada also said at the time that Muzzo had sabotaged his progress by severely underestimating his issues with alcohol.

His hearing is scheduled to be held on April 28 at Beaver Creek Institution in Gravenhurst, where he is being held as a minimum security offender.

While Muzzo seeks parole on Feb. 14 mother of the 3 children killed in the accident Jennifer Neville-Lake posted about her ongoing grief on Facebook.

“This morning I spent a lot of time thinking about each of my children's lives and how they lived their dashes. I thought about the dash in between my dad's dates and how he lived his dash too. I thought about my dash, how full my life was with family and how much I hate how the distance between my children's forever bed dates and mine is always growing. I feel like I am left behind and it hurts so much. I really miss the life I lived in between the beginning of my dash and the end of my childrens.

#lifeafterlosses #NotOneMore #valentinesday #imissmybeautifullife

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