Due to COVID-19 Huntsville’s politicians Vote for 10% Wage Reduction through 2020

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On April 29 Huntsville council voted to take a 10% pay cut for the remainder of 2020. Council will also not participate in remuneration during video meetings.

The decrease in wages takes effect on May 1.

Councillor Jonathan Wiebe brought forth the motion.

“I hear the words leadership and I hear the words leading by example. I felt that to task our senior staff with laying off so many of our wonderful staff members while keeping our salaries intact ... it never sat right with me,” he said.

Councillor Tim Withey suggested the stipend for emergency meetings should also be eliminated.

“We may be called on to meet a little more often because of this global pandemic, so I think we could make up the 10% on the backs of emergency meetings so I would add that to this mix,“ said Withey

According to Huntsville staff 98% of the Town’s part-time staff has been laid off as a result of COVID-19.

“We are currently working at a reduced full-time equivalent of about 30 per cent, so roughly 30 per cent of our full-time staff are currently not here,” said CAO Denise Corry “Now some of that is through layoffs as a result of COVID, some are on short-term or long-term medical leave, and other positions we have determined that we won’t fill them in an effort to save some money with respect to not filling those positions during the closures.”

Council voted unanimously in favour of the wage cut.


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