Enliven Muskoka to celebrate World Cancer Day with events, a gala and new programming-Jackie Riley

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Jackie Riley

As I’m writing today, I’m thinking about the incredible February that lies ahead for Enliven and I’m brimming with appreciation.

For months now the Enliven board, and the fundraising committee especially, have been busily preparing for our two big February World Cancer Day events. With the Jo-Athlon at Tawingo on Sunday, Feb. 2 and the World Cancer Day Gala and Art Auction on Tuesday, Feb. 4 (World Cancer Day IS February 4) we have been moved by the support of Muskoka as we create a community of self-care and connection for those with a cancer experience in our region.

From company sponsors to individuals who gave whatever they could; to the artists who shared their creations and those who travelled miles to participate, these events remind me that we are indeed all in this together. That this is Cancer. And together we are stronger, healthier, happier, and better. Wellness happens when we come together and make the most of the day that lies ahead. I think it’s this notion of making the most of each day that is behind this month’s very first Soup for the Soul afternoon. This is an opportunity for anyone touched by cancer: patient, survivor/thriver, caregiver/family, health provider to join us over a lunchtime soup and get to know one another.

As I’ve said many times, and as many of our members remind me, there is something about a cancer experience that can - if left unchecked and unconnected - leave people feeling very alone and isolated. And it’s that loneliness and isolation that zap our healing energy and leave us emotionally tapped out. That’s where Soup for the Soul comes in. Soup for the Soul - is a new offering at Enliven. Hot soup and warm conversation is offered on the last Tuesday of each month. Please note: We’d love to see caregivers and our amazing volunteers also join us for Soup for the Soul. I hope to see all of you this Tuesday, Feb. 25 - as we come together and eat a little, laugh a little, and truly connect in the spirit of finding something to smile about each and every day. Learn more at www.enlivenmuskoka.ca.

We are grateful to all who will participate in this month’s winterific offerings; yoga, walking club, writing/journaling classes, Gala, Jo-Athlon, and more. To all of our wonderful volunteers who make our programming possible, and to our individual and company sponsors and supporters who financially ‘enliven’ everything that we do - thank you.

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