Facebook Grapevine; Forest Hill resident 'shops' at closed Loblaws

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On Easter Sunday David Marchione posted the following public Facebook status update:

"Was taking a morning walk in my neighborhood by the Forest Hill Loblaws and noticed a few people walking out of the store with groceries. There was one man with about 4 bags in each hand that were completely full with stuff. So I said to myself "wow it's actually open but everyone thinks its closed". I decided to walk inside, went up the escalator and noticed only 4-5 people in the store shopping also, lights were all on and music was playing smooth jazz. I grabbed what I needed and proceeded to pay when I noticed that there were no cashiers. I then proceeded to self checkout assuming that was the only option available. I then noticed that all the self checkouts were closed and decided to put all my stuff back as it was starting to feel like I was in Zombieland. I then saw a couple that said to me "ya this store is open but no one is here so we just called the police". Turns out those people I saw with groceries literally shopped and left without paying like an episode of Supermarket Sweep. They straight jacked Loblaws.

Someone is definitely getting fired."

In his comments on the post which has garnered viral attention since Sunday, Marchione also wrote that the same couple he spoke with "told me that he was taking pics of everything he grabbed and told them he was going to go back on Monday and pay for them hahaha."

He went on to add that as him and others were leaving the store police had arrived.

In an email to CP24 who reported on the social media post today Loblaws confirmed that the store was not to have been open to the public on Sunday. The grocery giant admitted that closing protocols were not completed which resulted in customers gaining access to the store. Police told CP24 they have no confirmation that anything was stolen while the store was unlocked.

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