Facebook was a Genius concept But descended into a Cesspool of Dysfunction

Agatha Farmer

I joined Facebook in 2006 and through this platform over the last 14 years I have been able to stay in touch and share life events in real time with friends, school acquaintances and people I would otherwise without a ton of effort not been able to connect with. While over the years this platform has had its drawbacks and as a result the nickname "crackbook" was coined it has also served its purpose in connecting families and friends from all over the world.

It's absolutely true that prior to Facebook's inception the human race relied on communication technology provided by the infancy of instant messaging, email and Skype as FaceTime was not yet invented. Zuckerberg created a platform like nothing else before it and opened the floodgates of social media. Creating algorithms which the founders of these networks have themselves addmitted are designed to keep you psychologically stimulated and engaged to extend the time you spend in your new online reality. The more likes and feedback your content receives the further hooked you become. It's safe to say that with the advent of such face to face instant connectivity also came waves of anxiety brought on by a developing addiction as those of us in our 20's and younger attempted to navigate this new landscape.

It's strange how one piece of technological ingenuity can parade simultaneously to unify and divide. In one way it has allowed the human race to unprecedentedly connect in real time and in some cases organize globally on a scale never seen before. On the other hand it has created a societal crevice that is presented and evident in the billions of comments as people disagree over views, opinions, and at times even facts. Millions of parents around the globe have been navigating this strange world as children who have been raised with social media in the background itch to open an account. This generation of parents have anguished over allowing their children to join this curious pseudo online reality and over how much moderation should be incorporated while still attempting to provide their kids with a healthy level of trust and privacy. This unknown walk has never been walked by parents prior to 2006, the older millennial and GenX parental units of today's teens deserve a medal for trudging through this minefield without losing their mind in the process.

Facebook refers to itself as a "community" and to some extent it is. A community of colossal dysfunction. A community of billions of human beings projecting their own reality onto billions of others. You're sharing your life bias which incorporate ideas, theories, opinions and even facts, but all skewed toward your internal existential bias. There are zero non-bias, completely neutral, void of all visceral opinion human beings walking this earth today. This type of ideological non biased expectation forms a dysfunction as we have been conditioned to believe that such a unicorn exists. For many of us Facebook was our "comfort zone" social media as Twitter, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Instagram among hundreds of other platforms joined our daily online lives. As we expanded beyond our addiction to Facebook and propagated ourselves over several other networks we began to discover that each has its own "community" vibe. It was during this discovery several years ago that it began to occur to me that Facebook was becoming the cesspool of these platforms. Twitter is a close second but somewhat naturally moderated by the limit on post characters. Over the past decade my online reality comfort zone began to resemble a civil word war zone. In its attempts to moderate todays public life discourse and further encouraged to do so by struggling "legacy" media, who was and still is being gobbled up by an unprecedented rise in citizen journalist sites, blogs and in other words competition, Facebook started to "moderate" aka censor non-mainstream societal narrative. Over the last few months I've had several friends whose entire account profile has been deleted because they dared to step outside of our indoctrinated chronicles. They didn't murder anyone, they didn't spew racial or homophobic rants, they simply had a difference of opinion on various subjects to that of what has been normalized by corporate giants. Twitter has also recently joined the moderation/censorship band wagon as it blocked a politically charged article by a major US mainstream news site at the height of an election campaign. Freedom of choice to digest information you want to consume is being eroded by "moderation."

The Facebook cesspool swirl was as per our civilizations norm created by people and as usual a higher governing body must control the masses via an overreaching process. These governing entities are generally known as benefactors of the status quo. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and as a result stay calm, sedated and carry on. This notion however further cements the concept that our "freedom of choice" has been limited and kept on a very tight leash and that those who choose to exercise their freedom of speech as it pertains to the availability of this choice are being moderated and relegated to choices mainstreamed by said platform. Is Facebook a private company? Yes. So let's not pretend that it's a "community" but rather a platform whose very existence relies on dolla bills provided by other mainstream corporations. World governments of various levels sponsor and provide massive amounts of revenue for Facebook. Therefore when you start to exercise your freedom of choice and speech too loudly and not always in line with Facebook's corporate revenue drivers you fall victim to "moderation." This type of action further exasperates the natural cesspool of public projection opinion by adding ideological sludge and propagandizing the "correct" social course. There is very little black and white in our online existence, it is rather marinated in a million shades of grey protected by obscure laws which given a good lawyer could be interpreted in a million ways. However, this notions that somehow your voice, your opinions - given that they are not personally hurtful to others - are now being subject right or wrong by an ambiguous fact checker and you, as a grown ass adult, are being reprimanded for your freedom of choice is a step too far in this new Orwellian chapter of society.

As many of you know I have a public page on Facebook, one which use to be a very small revenue stream for the platform, but one which this month has completely dried up. My page will remain silent and a non-contributor of revenue until this social network drains the cesspool beginning with themselves. Revolutions come in different ways and I highly encourage the boycott of Facebook on a business level as I understand that asking people to disconnect from friends and family is a much taller order.

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