Finances and Real Life with Anne Godin-Kewell; Muskoka Post Welcomes New Financial Columnist!

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Anne Godin-Kewell

Welcome readers! I’m honoured and excited to be writing a regular column. My goal in life is to assist you with your goals and hope you find value in the various topics you read every other week. For those who are wondering, I am a Mortgage Specialist and Certified Coach Practitioner. Both services being mobile, in-person or Zoom conference calls. I work and live in Rosseau as well as Bowmanville, Ontario.

Today I just wanted to give you overview of my background, introduce myself and provide an idea of what you can expect from my column. Numbers, People and being of Service, the more in depth the better, that’s my passion. I started my career in the financial industry in 1996, holding various roles. Mainly, I was a Wealth Investment Advisor working for one bank and earned various designations, (CSC,CPH,PFP and LLQP). I also spent my hours advising, mentoring and coaching in a business/personal capacity. I moved on from the role of Investment Advisor in 2012 to seek a more unbiased approach to assisting families and businesses. Being an Independent Mortgage Specialist I work as a team with my husband Jeff, it allows us to spend more time together and provides the ability for us to work for the Client, Not the Lender. My financial and personal background has given me a wealth of experience and empathy as a Certified Coaching Practitioner. Combining the two helps me to solidify the areas of life to assist individuals with their goals financially, emotionally, professionally, personally and in relationships. 

In, 2012 my life literally came to an abrupt end. A near death experience was a pivotal moment for both myself and my family. Being of service to others is an honour, it’s my passion! I hope to provide you with financial information, mortgage information, in a realistic life experience way. I truly look forward to this journey and hope you will enjoy the ride with me of exploring these and many other topics.

~ Mortgage Agent Lic# M19002238

Broker Lic# 10231

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