Freedom Friday's with Gael Bishop; As we wrap up a decade this Friday set yourself free

Gael Bishop

We only have 7 Fridays (including today) before we transition into yet another set

of 12 months to shift, lift, laugh cry, grow, regress, evolve etc, etc. BUT the one thing

we don’t usually do is IMAGINE what changes you would like to see in the world, to

see for loved ones, your community or whatever is outside of your immediate


Intentions don’t have to come in the form of a yoga mat, a candle or your latest

over priced outfit to come to fruition for the things you are trying,

wishing, wanting or literally needing to change in your world. Diluting the exact

things that get under your skin with alcohol, food, cigarettes, weed or whatever

blows your hair back only heightens the angst within.

So take some time to inventory some stuff that you would really like to see shifted or

changed and get after it … even better, give your loved ones this year an envelope

with a receipt of a donation to their or a much needed charity in our community or

globally. Change begins with one person - I know this because I’m desperately trying to

change the views and stigma surrounding Addiction and Mental Health. Although

my efforts or “intentions” have taken a beating recently I find my self back in my

“Bat-Cave” thinking and learning what would a Super Hero do in this situation. And

guess what, it works when you just sit and listen what’s really needed out there.

Set yourself FREE this Friday of the old ways you would “wrap” a year of whatever

and break trail on the NEW YOU. As Mahatma Gandhi has said , “Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Stay Amazing!

Coach Gael

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