Freedom Friday’s with Gael Bishop; Let go of the Holiday season expectations and be authentic to you

Gael Bishop

Out With The Old, In With The New…

Lately I have been faced with my own thoughts, which sometimes manifest into physical limitations or energy dominant “in-actions”.  Many of us lead through our commercial schedules, example Halloween, which we just wrapped up, but now Christmas is abundantly on the shelves and ads leading the public and consumer to the next financial frenzy and for some burden.  

We are faced and forced to entertain the list of gifts to purchase, people to consider, who has been naughty or nice and perhaps how we will get through what may be a first Christmas without a significant loved one.

 So in essence the emotional hype and mental struggles begin happy, sad or indifferent as we race to the finish line of what will be known as the end of 2019.  What is important to remember is that we can cross the finish line and enter 2020 Sober, optimistic, changed for the better and committed to the new YOU and SELF that is within you to share with the world.

Don’t let this Christmas take you to the bank or put you on the wrong side of what you want and know to be your authentic SELF.  Giving of gifts and receiving of calories doesn’t have to be how you look back on your holidays nor spend the next 6 months working off unwanted pounds or swimming in an enormous Christmas debt.  

Think of the consequences of the choices you are about to make between now and when our New Years resolutions are to be brought to action January 1, 2020.  Set your SELF up for success not failure and trade in the old for NEW.  Be proactive and get after it now ... nothing will change if you don’t and if it’s a surprise, look for the hidden opportunities and carve out new perspectives that add dimensions not dilemmas.

You can do it!

I am  

Coach Gael

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