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Gael Bishop

Freedom Friday!

Welcome to the first weekly article of Freedom Friday brought to you by Muskoka Post and Coach Gael Bishop.  

My name is Gael Bishop and I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, a former Registered Massage Therapist and the proud owner of Fitness from Within-Coaching For Life…your all in-in-one Life Coaching source.  

Each week I will bring powerful and inspiring articles to push you forward and open your awareness to this complex Health & Wellness world.  

With our world turning to digital and electronic means of communication our opportunities to engage one-on-one or directly have been alarmingly reduced.  

This has almost completely removed that human connection that all of us need to thrive as a species.  In Fitness, Health (physical and mental), and in Wellness we need not forget the importance and value of direct “inter-ACTION” and engagement and most of all communication.

Choosing other means to comfort our selves, or adjust feelings and emotions through temporary relief has become a way to go through life in our current time.   I am a prime example of that as a Sober Coach who has been Sober now for 6 years and continuously working in my recovery through sharing my journey and helping others.  

Life’s challenges and adversities almost “gobbled” me up years ago even as a Fitness Professional and role model to the public of health and wellness.  

Please join me each week to support and encourage you to be and do your best each and every day!  Exercise and nutrition are but just one aspect of the whole health picture and as one wise woman said to me not very long ago; ”Health is Freedom”.

Until next time,

Stay Amazing!

Coach Gael!

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