Freedom Friday with Gael Bishop; Being 6 years sober I can tell you alcohol will derail weight loss

Gael Bishop

Alcohol And Wellness

In our efforts to get healthy, resist illness and combat stress it would seem that the consumer goes to great lengths when it comes to exercise and nutrition to do just that.  

Although we may feel victorious in attending our fitness classes or sessions with our trainers, and even more so by making some modifications to our food choices that may not be palatable but more nutrient dense, we are still coming up short when it comes to Alcohol.


Because we reference our consumption to alcohol in the names which are cleaverly marketed; wine, beer, draft, spirits, lager, “bubbly” etc etc…you get the point, we tend to ignore where alcohol really “fits” into our nutrition plan.  

Because the body cannot store alcohol it must get rid of it before it metabolizes the other Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins), which causes havoc on weight loss or gain goals which exercise minded individuals have.  

As a Personal Trainer in long term recovery from alcohol abuse, now 6 years sober, I make sure my clients are aware that alcohol consumption will derail and greatly disrupt our collaborative efforts for their specific wellness goals.  It is not generally received well since many love to enjoy a glass of wine with a nice meal, a cold beer on a hot Muskoka day, or to celebrate an occasion with friends and family.  

The infographic attached to this article is to empower knowledge and educate the consumer, which is you, as to the harmful effects of alcohol not just in terms of wellness compromise but the carcinogenic facts noted by the World Health Organization.  

In summary alcohol has no place in wellness, health or a fitness program.  It is not a healthy nor cellular friendly substance that enhances human health or well being.  So the next time you order, accept, reach for, or even crave a “drink”, ask yourself if you are needing it to relax, change or shift your mood, or if you even need it at all.  

I don’t buy into the pairing of ethanol and a Sirloin as wellness logic.

For more information on how alcohol sabotages your weight loss/gain or if you are sober curious and would like to cut back on your drinking habits, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary private consult with no expectations.

Coach Gael

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine


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