Freedom Friday with Gael Bishop - The Creative Superhero is You

Gael Bishop

In my Women’s Power program that runs Wednesday evenings, we have been using the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes by Deepak Chopra as our guide and material.

This past week we covered “The Law of Creativity” which wasn’t about crafts, cooking, art, reading or things of that sort.  There was a potent message on being creative within yourself in terms of changes that you want to see, have or manifest about your life.  One of my favorite lines in the book read; “Right now, right this moment, you have the opportunity to transform your life.” So not just thinking creatively but becoming creativity and shaping the changes yourself.  

I mean we all know change begins with us whether we are on the receiving end of it or creating it ourselves.  Think about it for a minute ... everything we have, do or interact with was “created”, thought out, imagined, even wondered!  It’s awesome and beautiful and so can you be anytime, anywhere you decide to create the changes you want within or around you.  

Who wants to stay static, safe, simple or predictable all the time anyways?  I’m sure there are some but doesn’t it seem way more exciting to know and believe that The Law of Creativity exists?  So be a law-abiding superhero today and get creative or start to think about what that looks like for you.  

Be your own CREATIVE Super Hero.

Stay Amazing!

Coach Gael

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