Fun Fact; A United States President was once a Muskoka Lakes seasonal resident.

Muskoka Post Staff

To escape the stresses of the White House, which he occupied from 1912 to 1920, President Woodrow Wilson would hide away at the Bluffs Hotel, owned by friends from his days as a professor at Harvard University.

Like many of the great Muskoka resorts from that era, The Bluffs burned down in 1934 and was never rebuilt.

Wilson frequently holidayed in Muskoka, he enjoyed the region so much that eventually bought Formosa Island on Lake Rosseau and created a secluded hideaway.

There is a curious story that in 1914 he signed the register of the Bala Bay Inn after the outbreak of World War I; however, there is no official record of the president being in Canada at that time.

Woodrow relied on the RMS Segwun to roam the area.

With files from Wikipedia and Canadian Encyclopedia.

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