Fun Fact: Did you know that Muskoka has a Waste Wizard to help you sort garbage?

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Do you often look at the items you’re throwing in the garbage and aren’t quite sure where to compartmentalize certain things. We all want to do our part for the environment but the sorting of garbage, recyclables, hazardous material, and compost can be a challenge. Not to worry because at the district of Muskoka we have a sorting waste Wizard.

The Muskoka Waste Wizard tool will assist you in identifying where your household Waste should go.

For example batteries should be dropped off at Hazardous Waste Depot Events and cannot be collected at curb side. Here is a link to the Hazardous Waste depot schedule.

Items such as solar lights, grease and styrofoam go in a solid coloured garbage bag for proper disposal and can be collected at the curb.

As for clothing the district asks to consider donating used and end-of-life textiles. Bins can be found throughout Muskoka.

To check more items the Waste Wizard Tool is available here;

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