Fun Fact: The CanadaArm is made in the GTA and is going to the Lunar Outpost to explore the Moon

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Fun Fact: Did you know that the Canadaarm3 is being built right here in the GTA?

Brampton's MDA company announced in May that it had received a contract worth $190 million to support robotic operations on the International Space Station from 2020 to 2024. MDA has provided Logistics and Sustaining Engineering services to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and its international partners since the start of the ISS, which this year will celebrate 20 years of continuous habitation by humans.

"This contract further strengthens MDA's global leadership in operational mission-critical space robotics, and will provide an opportunity to advance robotic system capabilities and techniques using the ISS as a proving ground for future human exploration," said Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer of MDA. "We value our role as prime contractor and partner to the Canadian Space Agency, and enjoy the opportunity to work closely with the ISS partners, in particular NASA and the ISS industrial team."

Today the Canadian Space Agency said that the Canadaarm3 will be Canada's contribution to the US-led Gateway, a lunar outpost that will enable sustainable human exploration of the moon. This highly autonomous robotic system will us cutting-edge software to perform tasks around the Moon without human intervention.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said the space robot will be a "stronger, smarter robotic system than ever before, using their Canadian robotics expertise around the Moon. Very cool."

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