Fun Fact: The lights on Bracebridge’s Silver Bridge were to bring hope and joy during the 30’s

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Muskoka Post Staff

The Silver Bridge in Bracebridge has a plaque next to it which informs people that in 1938 The Hydro Commission placed coloured lights on the bridge to "lift the spirits of the residents" after just experiencing a difficult depression as well as the prospect of an upcoming world war.

The plaque goes on to say that those lights have remained on the bridge till this day and are an ongoing symbol of hope and pride for the Bracebridge community.

Nathaniel Smart is a teacher at Muskoka’s Rosseau Lake College and sent in a letter informing us of the above fun fact.

In the hopes of raising spirits during the isolating times of COVID-19 Smart and his wife have put up Christmas lights back up on their house “to spread joy and positivity along with our hearts in the window in Bracebridge.”

"I was inspired by the plaque at the Silver Bridge and why the Xmas lights are there. They were hung during the depression in the 30s to spread joy and positivity to the community. I feel we can do the same now,” Smart said.

If you decide to turn on your Christmas lights again send your pictures to Muskoka Post so we can flood the internet with twinkly lights of hope, joy and positivity.

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