FUN FACT: What do you suppose an average male Moose weighs?

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The moose is the largest living member of the deer family, the average bull weighing 453 kilograms.

Essentially solitary animals, moose are primarily browsers feeding on the foliage of a wide variety of trees as well as water plants.

In summer they are known to spend considerable time grazing on the roots and tubers of the water lily. It prefers areas of forest edge/ secondary growth as well as lakeshores and swamps.

In the north moose are known to range far out in summer, moving to drier forested slopes in the winter. If snow cover exceeds one meter in depth, moose restrict their movement to well worn trails along riverbanks and to moose yards in shrubby open woodland.

The yarding behaviour of moose, however, is less common than that practised by white-tailed deer.

With files from Landbased Archeological Research

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