Gravenhurst Issues Reminder About High Spring Water and Personal Preparedness

Town of Gravenhurst

With the warming spring temperatures combined with winter snow pack, high water levels in lakes and rivers are possible. Town staff has actively been monitoring water levels on a daily basis since February 10th and levels have been progressively increasing in some waterways despite the slow melt. Officials would like to remind the public that Mother Nature is in firm control and local high water is most often a result of heavy precipitation combined with the winter snow pack.

“The Gravenhurst Emergency Management Team has been meeting regularly since January in preparation of the annual spring freshet,” said Mayor Paul Kelly. “Town emergency planners are in constant communication with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Trent Severn Waterway and are prepared to deal with high water levels to the best extent possible should they occur,” he added.

The Town has established five locations where sand/sand bags are available to residents that may be affected. Those locations are;

Cowbell Lane (at the end of the lane),

Severn River Road East

(at cul-de-sac at Hwy 11), Sunshine Court, Muskoka Bay Park,

and the Municipal Public Works Yard located at 1054 Crawford Road.

Officials are asking residents and visitors to be extremely diligent when venturing out near waterways as well as travelling along roads. Conditions can change quickly, sometimes in only the matter of a few hours.

Everyone is encouraged to check regularly for updates as the conditions change. Please visit

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