Gravenhurst's Gordie Merton issues plea to feds & province to help seniors & vulnerable citizens

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Gordie Merton

As much as I am happy to see help for our working class and getting them on their feet. I am also hoping this includes our Seniors and our people with disabilities not just the working class. I have heard little to no action plan for our seniors and people with disabilities. We are here too and we need help too.

With the significant rise in food costs and rent we need both the Provincial and Federal Government to take responsibility for our seniors and people with disabilities.

I realize this is a heavy burden for just one level of Government to hold that is why I believe it is the responsibility of both the Provincial and Federal government to work together and to provide the needed resources for our most vulnerable. Now is the time to set down a good foot on a new era. To enable all Canadians to be able to be free from their restrictions and be part of our great nation.

People with disabilities are not on welfare, we are on Ontario Disability Support Program. Or commonly known as ODSP. This program is meant to supply financial aid to those of us who have disabilities. This is a key program to the survival of our most vulnerable citizens. Although we do receive a 20 cent raise every year in our pensions this is not enough to put food on our tables and to enable us to live.

The elderly deserve better financial supports. The majority of our grandmas and grandpas and mothers and fathers are being forced to live on less than $600 a month. They paid into retirement their entire working life yet many are loosing the battle between putting food on their table and a roof over their heads. All our lives these folks worked hard to put food in our bellies and a roof over our heads now is the time to set this right. Now is the time the Provincial and Federal governments step up for our elderly.

The national poverty line sits at $19,930 a year. The solution is to raise our amount on our pensions to $2,000 a month with an annual increase to the rate of inflation. This will be an investment into the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. This will also enable us to be able to shop locally more and help support our communities through various ways. This will give us the self dignity and enable us to set forth and be financially protected and be more productive citizens. This is not a suggestion this is a plea to the Federal and Provincial governments to do the right thing.

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