Gravenhurst supports business with new 'Customer Experience Program' - Application info provided

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Muskoka Post Staff

Gravenhurst is rolling out a 'Customer Experience Program' aimed at assisting the town's businesses by evaluating their current customer service.

The pilot program, which will run between April and August will assess key experience elements of a business.  Town officials say that a number of anonymous shopping trips will be completed and those evaluations will be compiled into a report which will be provided to businesses. Some of the key elements of the review include visual appearance, customer service as well as quality and value of products and services. A review of the businesses website and social media will also be conducted. Tools and resources will be provided to businesses in making small or big changes to increase customer satisfaction and traffic.

“Digital presence and brand awareness is important to achieve a range of business objectives and goals. It can build affinity and cultivate leads to increase traffic. The website and social evaluation aspect of the program will be a valuable piece to help asses a need for improvements. These evaluations can be used by business, not only to improve, but to apply for various grants currently available in our region,” said Jeff Loney, manager of economic

development.  “Our businesses already have some brand advantages being located in Muskoka and successful business owners are incorporating this brand into their unique customer experience and it’s paying off."

The Gravenhurst Economic Development department is now accepting applications from interested businesses. This first round will be limited to a small number of retail and food service locations in order to test the pilot to better determine interest as well as make any necessary changes before rolling out a full scale program.

“Studies have shown that businesses that tailor their experience to their target consumer are more likely to maintain customer loyalty, attract new customer groups and increase business revenues,” said Julia Crowder, economic development coordinator.  “This program will help small businesses access the tools and resources that are available to them.”

For more information or to apply, visit


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